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It’s more than just great creative — our team strives to create positive change far beyond the brands and projects we touch.

Agency leadership

Justin Klein, CMI

Justin Klein, CMI

Founder, Managing Director, Content & Motion

As a Board Certified Medical Illustrator, Justin is passionate about helping companies communicate complex concepts visually. He brings ideas to life, from clinical trial video animations to medical device prototype illustrations to interactive kiosk design, creating indelible experiences for all audiences. With more than 20 years as a creative and illustrator, Justin has worked with clients such as Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy, Amgen, Boston Scientific, Ormco, Roche, and UCSF.

Ben Hewett

Ben Hewett

Managing Director, Strategy & Design

Ben is a design and operational leader with 24 years of experience leading teams on everything from commercial product launches to enterprise-level app development to visual identity programs. He has worked with a diverse range of life science organizations, including Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy, Apple Health, Avon Foundation for Women, BioMarin, iRhythm, Genentech, Gilead, Medtronic, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Regeneron, Roche, and Tria Beauty.

What defines us


Our design and content strategy process is human-centered from start to finish. We will help you see through the eyes of your audiences.


Translating challenging science-driven concepts requires a rigorous approach driven by audience insights coupled with flawless execution.


Having the courage to stick to the big idea is never easy. We’ll work with you to shepherd the most innovative ideas through all levels of your organization.


We take the time to dig into each assignment from every angle and approach, ensuring that the outcome is on point with your strategic goals.

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