HCP eMarketing campaign

Cardiac surgeons are a hard-to-reach audience. With barely any time to take care of their patient and administrative duties, marketing messages are often lost in the fray. A breakthrough global digital campaign was needed to promote the initial launch of Endeavor, Medtronic’s innovative drug-eluting stent (DES) product, and then across subsequent stent product lines.

What we did
  • Digital strategy
  • Email marketing
  • Animation & motion graphics
  • Product website asset library

Audiences we were talking to

Cardiac surgeons, nurses, and their support staff in hospitals and private practices within the US and across over 
20 worldwide markets.

What we were trying to solve

Promote Medtronic DES key data across product lines from ongoing clinical trials to drive product adoption and attendance at global conferences.

Mito Pop - Image
Mito Pop - Image

Campaign direction

Having to support multiple brands under the DES umbrella required a flexible framework to scale and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the eMarketing campaigns over time. Common elements, such as the placement of CTAs and value props, were constantly tested and adjusted based on analytics and user input.


What started as a digital product launch strategy for one brand rapidly became the gold standard across global DES product lines. It has since evolved into a multi-year email and landing page interstitial campaign that cardiac surgeons have grown to depend on to keep them informed of the latest and greatest clinical efficacy data, helping to drive Medtronic into a premier DES provider.