Kaiser Permanente

Patient education collateral

Kaiser Permanente of Southern California pioneered the HMO model to help guide its patients and medical staff towards positive outcomes. As part of this commitment, Kaiser needed to modernize its patient and medical staff on and offline communications illustrating everything from everyday health to understanding disease states’ mechanism of action.

What we did
  • Strategy
  • Medical Illustration
  • Animation
  • Video editing
  • Website & print asset production

Audiences we were talking to

Kaiser Permanente caregivers and patients within a variety of demographics with specific medical conditions across all levels of reading comprehension and languages.

What we were trying to solve

Patients experiencing a new medical condition will have many questions with the PCP or specialist. This requires longer visits with the doctor or longer times in the waiting room.

Mito Pop - Image
Mito Pop - Image
Mito Pop - Image

I am so thankful to work with Mito Pop. I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for your commitment, your talent, your work ethic, and your overall helpfulness.

Noel True
Creative Director, Kaiser Permanente
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The resulting series of patient-friendly collateral and illustrations answered frequently asked questions in a format that was accessible to audiences of all reading compression levels. All videos are accessible with closed captioning and in multiple languages giving patients specific knowledge to better engage with their doctor.