Clinical trial promo and compliance animations

Lampalizumab, an investigational medicine for the treatment of geographic atrophy (GA) by Roche, was a new approach for this severe condition. This animated series was featured as part of the Chroma and Spectri clinical trial enrollment campaign, designed to help patients remain informed and compliant throughout the trial.

What we did
  • Audience messaging strategy
  • Animation & motion graphics
  • Website asset production

Audiences we were talking to

Clinicians, caregivers, and patients looking for information about GA and the lampalizumab clinical trials and those currently enrolled in the trial.

What we were trying to solve

Explain the complexities of the medical condition, GA, as well as the clinical trial process to educate patients and their caregivers on what to expect.

Mito Pop - Image
Mito Pop - Image


Developed a series of patient-friendly animations that worked seamlessly with the clinical trial promotional campaign. The animations were used throughout the lifecycle of the clinical trial, helping keep patients engaged in this pivotal study.